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Sad, Carcasses of Birds on Midway Atoll Filled With Garbage

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The picture above looks sad, is not it? Heartrending images derived from carcasses of dead albatross because ingesting plastic waste in the ocean. According Amusing Planet's image is a photograph taken by Chris Jordan, a photographer who specializes in large-scale works that depict the high level of consumerism of modern humans and their impact on the environment.

For three years, photographer Based in Seattle was observed and perpetuate life of hawks albatross that breed on the island of Midway Atoll, about 2,400 miles from Alaska. The birds normally eat the squid and other animals that swim near the surface of the water at night.

But because of the high levels of pollution in the water, so that the birds ingest pieces of plastic floating on the water surface. Why the birds are often mistaken as junk food. After swallowing the garbage, the birds were then returned to the island, brings back the plastic waste it and give it to their children.

From the 500,000 albatross chicks born each year about 200,000 die, mostly from dehydration or starvation. Child dead bird save the plastic waste in their stomachs. The amount is twice as much when compared with birds that died for other reasons. Because plastics are pierced organs in birds, causing life-threatening injuries. If it were not for the sharp plastic punctured, these birds died from choking on garbage, dehydration, or starvation.

Midway Atoll is a  habitat  in the Pacific Ocean whose condition is very critical environment. Three million sea birds and 250 species of flora and fauna marine life depend on the ecosystem of the island and its surrounding reefs and lagoons. This place even into winter nest for most of the world's remaining population of some species of albatrosses that are rare and fourteen species of sea birds. So is the Hawaiian green sea turtles and about 300 spinner dolphins that live there.

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