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Sandy Black, Enchantment Pemuteran Beach Bali Fixed radiated

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pemutaranPemuteran, a village with attractive tourist potential and fun in her natural beauty and natural quiet . Black sand is the main attraction for the beach in the village.
Pemuteran village located on the west coast of the island of Bali, or approximately 55 km west of Singaraja city and 30 km from Gilimanuk . It is located among a cluster of hills and ocean expanses that make this place so beautiful and quiet, away from the crowds.
Pemuteran beach is one beach which is visited by tourists in North Bali. Black sand stretches approximately 6 kilometers framed blue sky and clear sea with a wealth of well-preserved coral reefs. Coral reefs in the area of ​​Pemuteran beach can be enjoyed by snorkeling not far from the beach. Pemuteran has the largest area of shallow coral reefs in Bali are easily enjoy its beauty given current relatively safe and calm seas.
It is interesting from Pemuteran coral reefs in this region are professionally maintained and conserved. Local communities in the region already has a high awareness of the importance of maintaining the natural resources in their village. Coral reefs are located on the coastline, where many hotels are designated as free fishing area and only for the benefit of ecotourism.
Pemuteran is also well known as a region with a high spirit of marine conservation for the reef project artifisal Biorock world. There are some foundations that are actively engaged in coral reef conservation efforts in the region, including several hotels, dive shops, and also the local community. Embedded in Pemuteran underwater acceleration tool that can stimulate the growth of reefs. There is also a turtle breeding center in Pemuteran village is beautiful and peaceful.
Although it has been developed as a tourist area, Pemuteran village still maintained the naturalness of nature and the people who live in the traditional way. It can be seen from the traditional equipment that they use, such as boats and nets for fishing activities. Pemuteran relatively low rainfall areas that are less suitable for agriculture. Therefore, most of the population was dependent as traditional fishermen.
The use of bombs and other destructive tool when fishing is prohibited, especially in the area of ​​Pemuteran Beach is located in front of the hotel. The manager of the hotel, foundations, and local communities actively involved in conservation efforts for realizing the importance of maintaining the potential of the underwater world Pemuteran for the continuation of their tourism business.
One of the main reasons tourists come to the village of Pemuteran is they want to visit the area to treat diving and snorkeling underwater world class park in Menjangan Island. There are many large and small caves in the region that is home to a variety of types and colors of coral and other marine life. Menjangan Island is approximately 2 miles from Pemuteran and can be reached by boat rented for approximately 15 minutes.
In addition to its proximity to the Menjangan Island is touted as the best diving and snorkeling areas in the West Bali, Pemuteran beach area itself was no less beautiful and rich potential for coral reefs. Moreover, the efforts of preservation and restoration professionally done in this area . Pemuteran beach underwater beauty can be enjoyed even by snorkeling not far from the shoreline.
Morning you can drive around with a boat trip to watch the sunrise or watch the dolphins off the coast. These packets are usually managed the hotel around Pemuteran beach. Beautiful natural scenery and impressive on its rising or sinking sun was always a long-awaited moment travelers. Moreover, the mountain across the island that became the background reinforces owned Pemuteran charm. You can also use a fishing boat while sailing charter, as quoted from page IndonesiaTravel.
There is also Pura Pemuteran famous thermal hot springs. There are two swimming baths in Pura Pemuteran, which is a special pool for adults and for children. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the temple architecture, soak in hot water is an activity that will relax the muscles and body from fatigue.




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