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Save SUBAK In Bali

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Bali will host the World Culture Forum. Event aims to make Bali as the world for meetings and discussions in the field of culture.
Rector of Udayana University, Prof.. Dr. dr. I Made Bakta, Sp.PD-KHOM, said on Saturday (19/1) yesterday, revealing many things that could be raised in the forums Bali international scale. Including encouraging the establishment of the Institute of Culture to accommodate a variety of research related to cultural. '' A lot of that could be because it is the cultural core of Balinese life,'' he said.

One culture is crucial, he said, was subak. Especially after receiving recognition from UNESCO, subak should receive more attention.
He said subak is in the spotlight now. Because the existence of subak was threatened following the rise over the function fields into the building and reduced the number of farmers. A number of subak in Bali even is gone and replaced by a row of concrete.

Employers and agricultural observer, I Gusti Kade Djaya Virata, BE, says Subak actually helped support the economy of Bali. Bali is known for its cultural tourism, is also not free from the presence of subak.'' Our culture is the growing of agricultural subak. I think we've all been enjoying life so much. So, if we do not care about the subak, with agriculture, how sinful we are,'' said Djaya Virata.

According to him, all elements of society in Bali should really be committed and willing to save subak, so its presence does not need to be threatened again in the future. Primarily again, all the components that already enjoy the benefit of cultural tourism in Bali.

Not to mention today, the issue over the function fields into residential or business center is still the main reason for the reduced subak in Bali. '' There should be a spatial plan, and then applied consistently so that people should not be carelessly built,'' he said.

He deplored the current building permits so easily bought with money. To create awareness with the subak, people even asked to create a new civilization. We have to create a new civilization in the future with all the growth there. Old civilizations revered abroad including the subak cultural heritage, we should be able to update in the context of the progress of time, he said.

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