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Secret GardenThe New Attraction Which Will Make You Smarter

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If you've ever gone to Bali, did you've ever visited Bedugul? Probably most of the traveler will say yes. Bedugul has famous tourist destinations, for example, Ulun Danu (temple on The Lake Beratan) and Bedugul Botanical Garden. But, there is another new attracting place in Bedugul area and you shall visit it. Moreover, some people said this place is educational attraction place. You will get a lot of knowledge, and hopefully become more clever after visiting this place.

Secret Garden Village Bedugul

The name of the place is Secret Garden Village. If you are looking from the outside you can't guess how exactly inside this attraction. After buying a ticket for Rp.50,000, you'll be greeted by a spacious courtyard which is very beautiful, brown wooden buildings and mountains nuanced water pool will make you amazed.

Secret Garden Village

Secret Garden Village located at KM 36 Jalan Raya Denpasar, Luwus, Tabanan Regency. The concept which offered by this attraction is combined recreation and education by sharing knowledge and experience that will surely be interesting. Want to know what knowledge can you get here? keep it scrolling down.

1. Learning Beauty History at Oemah Herborist Museum

Secret Garden Village - Oemah Herborist

Those who do not know, Oemah Herborist is a beauty and body care products which originally made in Indonesia. Well, in this museum you can see the history of the development of beauty products in Indonesia, from when we still using betel leaves until the expensive cream as now. You'll also see a mini factory Oemah Herborist here, you'll be able to see how the process of making a Herborist product. Really exciting, when you enter you'll be asked to wear masks, lab coats, and special footwear. Really hygienic anyway!

Secret Garden Village - Oemah Harborist Factory

2. Learn about Coffee at Black Eye Coffee Roastery

Secret Garden Village - Coffee Cupping

This is the most exciting, after touring the museum, we will be invited to move to the next building to learn about Indonesian coffee and how to make it. Here you can see copies from all region in Indonesia, then look up milling machines for roasting. You will also be invited to learn Coffee Cupping. Anyone know what that means? This is a technique sipping coffee in one breathe that aims to identify the aroma and flavor of a coffee to the fullest. After the coffee class, you can move onto the cafe. There you can meet barista and you can ask if you want to know more about the process of how to making coffee manually and others question. All the equipment is complete and visitors can try it.

Secret Garden Village - Coffee Roasting

3. Travelling Culinary at The Luwus Restaurant

Secret Garden Village - Bebek Timbungan

It's the most fun, after walking around and absorb a lot of knowledge, don't forget to stop by this restaurant. Taste the flagship food "Bebek Timbungan" which made by duck which mixed with various spices and cooked inside of a bamboo stick. Thus, the resulting meat very soft and tasty.

4. Learn about the architecture of the building in Bali

Secret Garden Village - Building Architecture

For those who like to an architecture or interior design, so you should come to see this place. Who knew you could learn a lot, do not hesitate to ask the guides there. Maybe you will also be inspired when he saw the beauty of the architecture of Secret Garden building.

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