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Seminyak, Top Destinations New Year Celebration in the Asia-Pacific version of Tripadvisor

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Indonesia should be proud that 2 of the 10 most popular destinations in Asia Pacific to celebrate the new year in Bali.

Based on the search about world class travel websites, Seminyak is third most popular after Sydney, Australia and Singapore. Other destinations are the most popular Bali Kuta which is located at number 9.

The ten most popular destinations are selected based on the number of user search Tripadvisor Southeast Asia. Indonesia is the only country with two tourist destinations in the list of the top 10.

Other destinations in the top 10 most popular destinations to celebrate the new year are Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, Paris, Bangkok, and the last is Melbourne.

As for domestic tourists, Kuta ranked first most popular way to celebrate the new year. Ten most popular destinations for travelers between the combined domestic and abroad.

Three of them are still in Bali, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, and Legian. Besides Bali, other cities are in Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta, which became a favorite. Foreign destinations most sought after to celebrate the new year is Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Bali and Jakarta is the most crowded destinations sought by visitors to Tripadvisor. Tips to be considered in determining a new year celebration is the increase in the price of the hotel.

Tripadvisor began to seriously enter and thrive in Indonesia since 2010 ago. The website of this world-class travel planner includes the trusted by travelers in the world because it provides space for tourists to write their review. So not only competitive prices but also more personal information. This is one bold step of Tripadvisor. All are free to write a review but we also have a system of his own to discover the truth. So no one if there is a call Tripadvisor as travel community.
Each month recorded 315 million visitors Tripadvisor. In addition, there were more than 200 million reviews and opinions on 4.4 million assorted destinations in the world such as restaurants, hotels, including tourist attractions.

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