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Sensation of Diving, Enjoy The Charms of The Underwater

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Nature tourism is not just limited to hiking and visited the beach. Have you ever tried to dive and enjoy the underwater scenery? Indonesian region that is largely a marine area has a very beautiful natural scenery under the sea there. Call it the Raja Ampat, Bunaken, Komodo, Wakatobi, Derawan, or the closest though, the Thousand Islands touted as a location for diving that fascinating.

"With diving, you will better know if Indonesia is very beautiful," said John E Sidjabat, owner of Global Dive Center, a place that provides programs or anything directly related to diving.

According to John, nature lovers who have not yet tried diving, will never know that there are amazing views of the sea. "The beauty of the scenery down there, we will never get the time on the surface. There we can see the shrimp fighting, competing and fighting with each other to eat well other rare fauna, "explains John.

That experience was the one that brought John in the business today. "Frankly I became addicted to continue to enjoy the underwater world," he added. "Yes, reckoning also shape my love of Indonesia and I want everyone to try it in order to know how beautiful Indonesia," he added.

John now has decades of advancing its business as well as a scuba diver. Business grew, until now the Global Dive Center provides educational programs diving, such as scuba diving courses, underwater photography course, the travel program for certified divers, as well as renting scuba diving equipment.

mba bali tour - water activities - scuba diving
Documentation Global Dive Center Programs Try Scuba Diving (TSD), special programs for beginners with locations in the Senayan swimming pool

Although it sounds exciting, it was not many people who dare to do scuba diving. For that reason John also open the program for those who just want to try it. "We have no program, Try Scuba Diving (TSD), which is to try scuba diving to a depth of two meters at the Senayan swimming pool complete with diving equipment we lend," he added.

The tools consist of a scuba mask, fins (flippers), regulator, BCD (scuba jacket), ballast tanks along with the air. TSD activities usually taken by beginners who want to try scuba diving. "Do not worry this activity is very safe because each group of scuba diving which usually consists of four people will be accompanied by a person certified instructors," he said.

Never Dive Alone!

"There is a law of nature to the diver, which never dive alone !," he said later. In addition to risk, he says, diving alone ominous. It was the commitment of all divers everywhere. This commitment is also used as a guarantee that the scuba diving safe. "So do not dive alone, obey the rules. Enjoy the beauty of underwater diving, not a risky thing, "added John.

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