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Shrouded in Fog, Masouleh Village Hide at this Slope

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This is a village located in Iran. Perched high on a forested mountain slopes, this village forever invisible because it is covered by fog. 
Masouleh village located in the province of Gilan, Iran, approximately 60 km from the Caspian Sea. The village is almost invisible because it always covered by mist. But if the fog did not appear, Masouleh an extraordinary spectacle. A series of cottages were built on the slopes is evident. 
Masouleh located about 1,050 meters above sea level. Because of the layout of the buildings in this area is quite unique, motorcycles were not allowed to enter and pass in this area. None of the vehicles that can operate as land in this area with staircase and hallways. 
Among the houses, tucked was a narrow road winding as access in and out of the village. Almost all the buildings in this area are made of clay and wood, as well as berundak. In fact, the roof of this building can be used for walking. It's a pretty amazing building how a building's roof also serves as a walkway. 
Because of its location is quite high, the climate in this village is different from other Iranian regions that tend to be dry and hot. In this village is very warm and humid weather. The wind was blowing from the southwest, thus creating a heavy rain, and fog on the north side of the mountains. Due to abundant rainfall, this region gave birth to a dense forest along the river where the water is gushing in all areas. 
It was founded nearly a thousand years ago. This area was once the access in and out of the traders who come in and out of Iran. But now, since found by some adventurers, this village has always evolved into a popular tourist destination in Iran, as reported by Amusingplanet

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