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Singapore and South Korea suspected Assist wiretapping U.S and Australia

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Singapore and South Korea is rumored to hold the key to helping the United States (U.S.) and Australia to tap undersea communications lines around Asia. It was revealed from a leaked intelligence documents former employee of the National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden.

In a document that was leaked by Snowden, also reveals the involvement of Australia and New Zealand in cutting the lines of communication of global satellite communications.

This document shows the U.S. and partner intelligence called the “Five Eyes " , wiretapping against government in Asia and the telecommunications company through covert operations .

" Interception submarine communication cable lines are part of a global network by enabling Five Eyes Snowden documents - which is composed of the U.S. , UK , Australia , Canada , and New Zealand - can perform tracking , against anyone , anywhere and at any time , "said the document , as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald , Monday ( 11/25/2013 ) .

“Tapping is referred to as the golden age of intelligence cooperation, “according to the document.

Map of Snowden, published by NRC Handelsblad Dutch media indicate the U.S. base plays a Trans - Pacific communications networks in more than 20 locations.

The U.S. began to conduct wiretaps in facilities on the west coast of the U.S. in Hawaii and Guan, and intercepting submarine cable along the Pacific Ocean is allegedly linking between Australia and Japan.

Snowden map also shows that Singapore - which became a liaison telecommunications world - appointed as a third party in cooperation with “Five Eyes “.

In August 2013 ago , Fairfax Media reported that Australian spy agency , the Defense Signals Directorate - which has now changed its name to the Australian - Signals Directorate , in collaboration with the intelligence tap Singapore for cable SEA - ME - WE - 3 are contacting Japan , through Singapore, Djibouti , Suez , Gibraltar and its South to northern Germany .

Snowden latest unfolding of this adds to the long row of wiretapping issue in Asia. Previously known Australian wiretapping of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The case related to the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to apologize.

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