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Six General Mistakes by Novice Climbers

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In recent years climbed the mountain had become a trend for many young people. The increasing trend along with the increase of people who climb this mountain was not offset by increased knowledge and readiness they have. Many young people were too confident when will climb the mountain so that ultimately many mistakes they did. Here are six general mistakes made by novice climbers.

1. Using an improper clothes

Selection of clothes is one thing that is decisive for comfort during travel and climbing at the mountain. The most mistakes often committed by novice climbers is go to the mountain by using pants of jeans material. This material tend to be difficult to dry if it has been wet so that it can make the body more cold. In addition, this material can not dispel the cold are well. Another common mistakes is to use a jacket that is too thin and not waterproof so vulnerable when the cold and rain.

2. Bring items too a bit

Preparation is one of the most important stage when a person will climb the mountain. One must know what objects he had to prepare and carry when climbing the mountain because of all the limitations that exist in that location. Many novice climbers are less aware of the importance of it and consider it trivial. The tools of survival and saving enough food and beverages are compulsory when in the wild.

3. Do not learn the terrain traversed

Lack of knowledge and underestimate the terrain to be traversed is usually the done thing novice climbers. Laziness in seeking this information can result in a lack of preparation of the items that they need to take with physical readiness they need to do. Before climbing should know the route, duration of travel, location of water sources, as well as locations to set up a tent.

4. Using the new shoes

Buy the new shoes specifically for climbing was seen as a normal thing. But it turns out the effects of this is quite the opposite. The new shoes are usually just not convenient to use because the legs are not familiar with it. Besides the shape of shoes is also still not fit the foot so that it may cause some injuries when the direct use of terrain is quite heavy.

5. Lack of exercise

Physical preparation is the most important thing when going up the mountain. Prepare stamina and legs get used to walking in a long time every day. Lack of exercise can cause you to become very tired when climbing and even may not be able to finish the climb because the conditions are not possible. In addition to regular exercise, do not forget to stretch right before climbing to make the muscles of the body to be prepared.

6. Throwing garbage anywhere

The most common mistakes made by novice climbers is throwing garbage anywhere. Has become an unwritten rule for climbers to always bring home its garbage because it can damage the forest ecosystem. Many novice climbers need to be made aware to always maintain the cleanliness of the mountain by always bringing home trash they have made.

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