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Skydiving in Indonesia: Nature and Urban to be Together

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Never imagined it feels to jump from the plane with a height of several kilometers above the ground? Clearly it feels will never relaxed, because of course that is in our mind is anxious to get on the ground.

But if you do parachuting, or better known as skydiving, resignation and hope soon reached the ground is abstinence legal! Because, for what we are hovering in the air like a bird without wings if we hope for is up again on the ground as usual?

The biggest taboo in skydiving, is closing his eyes. Because it is the core of extreme sports, fight our fears. Skydiving itself has features that give us the offer to see the Earth from above. So, if we stepped off the plane in a state do not enjoy and do not dare, then there goes magical impression offered by this extreme sport.

In Indonesia alone, skydiving is a blend of natural and urban. Why? Because once we dropped off the plane, we'll see the natural beauty that can only be seen from above. Sea, mountains and vast expanse of clouds that so few points beauty offered if we parachuting in the country.

Then why we can enjoy an urban setting? Because in Indonesia, some skydiving dropzone in Pondok Cabe such as Jakarta, Bandung and Jogjakarta, all done in the military aerodrome. So although we can enjoy the natural beauty immediately when we jump from the plane, the more we approach the Earth, we will enjoy how massive and dense settlement in Indonesia from the sky.

Of course this will give a different perspective to the other extreme sports such as paragliding, which is usually made of nature as a landing zone.

Perhaps the reason for the skydiver landed at military aerodrome or military field wide, is the natural contours of Indonesia is very diverse. This might add to the risks of permanent run. If we compare abroad, usually in the skydive was also conducted on the seafront, with a landing zone on the beach. This may be difficult because in the south of the island of Java, is very popular with the terrible waves.

The only landing zone in Indonesia that presents also the natural beauty is Manado. If we skydive landing zone in the North Sulawesi capital is in the Mega Mas area, coastal reclamation area of ​​Manado, which is located close to the Bunaken marine park. There we get treats calm sea, towering hills, bustling urban areas, as well as shopping centers which adds to the uniqueness when choosing plunge at the end of the Sulawesi.

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However, if the freefall skydive or committed by the Indonesian Army, usually places at once beautiful extremes became their choice. Several times freefall do in Setoko Island, Batam. Unfortunately, civilians seem to be fixed if you want to enjoy the beautiful urban freefall, because shrewdness Indonesian Army soldiers in freefall certainly different from our everyday untrained physically and mentally.

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The most interesting is a waterfall on the Team Skydive from abroad that they challenged the active volcano of Mount Bromo in free fall on it.




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