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Small Heaven in Poya Lisa Island, Central Sulawesi

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Who said islands may not be shown on the map can not be a tourist destination worth a visit? Exotic remote island and away from the bustle of city life can be a perfect vacation and relaxation, one Poya Lisa Island

poya lisa island

Vast expanse of sea blue turquoise and crystal clear as a truly extraordinary beautiful scenery that will leave you in awe. Coral reefs are beautiful and natural around offshore islands also deserve explored by snorkeling.

The island is owned and managed by Ismail, a registered nurse at Bomba. Poya is the name of the person who first planted coconut trees on the island, as well as making it an island owner. Meanwhile, Lisa added the name of the German name of a woman who had come alone and spend his time on the island for a month. He asked Ismail perpetuate his name in this island, then so be it small remote paradise called Poya Lisa.

The island is included in the National Park Togean Islands in Central Sulawesi that can be traveled approximately 30 minutes by speedboat from Ampana City (Capital Tojo Una Una, Central Sulawesi). In addition to the speedboat, you can also use a small boat to journey time Ampana-Bomba approximately 2 hours. Speedboat rental rates for Rp1 million each way. Meanwhile, a small boat fare approximately Rp20 thousand per person with the operating schedule of every other day.

Although including a remote island, do not be afraid no lodging. Poya Lisa Island providing four cottages at the rate of 150 thousand per night, inclusive of three meals a day. For the needs of charter boats, lodging manager will provide it. If the mileage is fairly close, the possibility of the boat can be used for free. 

Not only can enjoy the beauty of Poya Lisa Island, you can also get around fishing and other islands. Call it Kadidiri Island, Pulau Una Una, Kundurang, and the Siatu island is famous for its settlement Bajo tribe.

Even from a distance, before setting foot on the island, you most likely already fallen in love with all its appeal. The hospitality of the locals in this uninhabited island will also be memories that warm the heart. Typical sea food served by the manager of the cottages also have become a byword among tourists because it's really spoiling the tongue.

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