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So Dirty, This Lake Look Like an Oil Painting

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Try to see the color of the lake. Looks like a beautiful oil painting works of maestro of the world, is not it? The color of the lake is not modified photograph. That's the state of the lake is in real life. The lake is located in Anhui Province, China. How can the water of the lake looks like that?

Mixture of green, blue, and beige on the surface of the river when held by hand is actually a kind of mucus. Liquid slime floating on the surface of the lake is actually algae. The algae contaminated waste synthetic chemical fertilizers that drain the lake in large numbers in such a way that changes color. Although it looks pretty, when in contact with humans can cause health problems.

According Rocketnews24, lake currently unknown name is one of the many rivers and lakes in China are experiencing severe pollution. As is well known, a very rapid economic growth has brought prosperity to the country. But the progress is also accompanied by environmental pollution problems such as air pollution and water pollution is getting worse from day to day. The Chinese government has reportedly spent 7.4 billion yuan, or about 77 million U.S. dollars to restore the condition of the lake shown in the photo.

Photo by Rocketnews24

When the photo circulating on the internet, many internet users have commented that the picture of the lake in the photo looks like a painting of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a maestro of the world is known for his oil paintings of the paint or the like Vincent Van Gogh painting. But many who deplore the destruction of the lake.

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