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Splendor of 144-year-old Wisteria in Japan

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Photo clumps of flowers that dangle with background on the night looks amazing, is not it? That figure wisteria or fuji over a century which is located in Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan. Flower garden located in Tochigi, according Amusing Planet is considered one of the best places to see flowers fuji in Japan. 

In early May where fuji flowers in full bloom this park is usually flooded with visitors, even though it was not a holiday. There are flowers fuji collection of various types and colors. There are blue, white, pink, and yellow. Here there is a wisteria tunnel tens of meters long that looks romantic. 

In addition to floral tunnel, which makes this flower garden is the famous 144-year-old fuji trees that grow there. This plant is not the oldest or largest wisteria in the world. Even so the overall diameter reaches half acres of trees still amazing to behold.

Moreover, Japanese people did think fuji as important flora. Reported Bored Panda, fuji is one of the oldest flowering trees recorded in Japanese history. This beautiful flower is described even in ancient poetry collection Man'yÅ?shÅ« poetry which means 'a collection of ten thousand leaves'.

Fuji tree in Ashikaga Flower Park itself was planted in the 1870s and is still saving the entire splendor. Beautiful flower tendrils spreading meet these metal skeletons were installed by park managers, to form a lush canopy of flowers and shady. The visitors like to walk around and bask in the shade of pink flowers interspersed sunlight or background pictures taken with the century-old wisteria.

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