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Step by Step Pass Off-Road Tracks for Mountain Bikers

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In line with the trend alternation of sports and hobbies over the years, the popularity of mountain bikes is now mounting. Not only among professional athletes, but people of diverse elements also interested in trying this mountain bike excitement.

Even though the rugged terrain mainly off-road tracks need to be matched with a variety of exercises and techniques that qualified mountain biking.

Step 1: right elbow

It turns out that the right elbow while mountain biking is not recommended too straight, but bent a little. The goal is to add a shock when passing off-road crossings.

Step 2: position not pedaling

Just like cycling in general, mountain biking is not always pedaling, continuously. When not pedaling like this, position the pedal at 3 and 9. Position the stronger leg in front, or some sort of form a horizontal line. The goal, to avoid the pedal to not hit by stones or other obstacles in off-road crossings.

Step 3: position down steeply

That is not easily stumbled forward, sit on the saddle behind the thighs flanking the front of the saddle. If you can, put the body in the back of the saddle, so that the foundation can move backward balance. Do not forget to lower the seatpost to the feet planted on the ground perfectly.

Step 4: braking position

Off-road track to be balanced with a reliable braking techniques. If you have not mastered the technique of front and rear braking at the same time, optimize rear brake. However, braking techniques should continue to be developed, however, because the front and rear braking at the same time much more effective for off-road crossings.

Step 5: free conditions

Although previously been convinced already equip themselves with mountain biking techniques are qualified, but if suddenly confronted with doubts the best choice not proceed. For safety, guided bike in these conditions is much more advisable.

Try implementing these tricks one by one so that the ability of mountain biking on off-road tracks can be improved.




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