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Subak And Beautiful Rice Field In Jatiluwih

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Subak is a Balinese rice field irrigation system newly designated world cultural heritage by UNESCO. In Jatiluwih, Tabanan, Bali, you can see and learn from the subak close.

With the enactment of subak became the world's cultural heritage, would be good news for the people of Bali. It became one of the charms of Bali evidence that never runs out. Subak conducted in five districts, one of which is in Jatiluwih, Tabanan.

Located in Penebel District, Tabanan, Bali and is about two hours from Kuta, the place is visited by local and foreign tourists. With an area of ​​over 400 acres, this place offers all-green rice terraces.

In Jatiluwih, you can relax in the shop which is located at the edges of their fields and look at the lives of farmers close. Green expanse of terraced rice fields, clean air, quiet atmosphere, make this place popular with tourists.

Jatiluwih located in the highlands of Mount Batukaru, making it a very cool place. Not fewer tourists linger in this place and stay at around Jatiluwih.

Irrigation system in Jatiluwih using subak system, namely the management of waterways to irrigate rice fields conducted organize. This system also appeared to have been used since hundreds of years ago by the people of Bali.

Apparently, these irrigation systems are full of family and attitude of mutual cooperation. Subak also make the farmers to be fair and thoughtful in irrigating rice fields.

Not only that, the subak system also encourage the farmers to get closer to the Creator. It can be seen from Ulun Bedugul Temple or specially built by the farmers. The temple is located around the rice fields as a place of worship for the goddess Sri or a symbol of fertility.

Besides knowing Subak closely, you can spend time with a walk in the dike fields. Do not forget to take pictures, because Jatiluwih have a nickname as a giant green carpet.

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