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Tangkahan, Hidden Beauty in North Sumatra

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tangkahan north sumatra

Tangkahan, The Hidden Paradise in North Sumatra is a nickname that is suitable for this one. Most of us are not many who know and Tangkahan it has long been known by foreign tourists, especially for those who are outside the island of Sumatra.

Though there are beautiful places that can be used as a tourist destination for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere as well as natural forest that is still awake.

Tangkahan located between two villages, Namo beehive and Sei Serdang. For people hear the word Tangkahan field will certainly resonated with " Elephant". Yes, indeed because Tangkahan known as a place of wild elephants and rivers that are here are very clear and still kept clean.

Ecotourism is present in the Gunung Leuser National Park, located in Langkat. Tangkahan start crowded because of its natural scenery is stunning and freshness of the air that served to make anyone welcome to linger here.

tangkahan north sumatra
Various kinds of trees and vegetation that grows tropical forests combined with hilly land make Tangkahan Ecotourism is not just a tourist spot but it can also be a place to learn about nature, human beings, flora and fauna.

Tangkahan generally very dense forest where there are rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, valleys and even rare plants such as Raflessia also exist in this place. I wonder if the foreign tourists begin to look Tangkahan The Hidden Paradise in North Sumatra as a tourist destination since ancient times.

If you are not satisfied with just enjoy the natural scenery Tangkahan, many activities that you can do such as rafting on the River Alas, visit the Sumatran orangutan rehabilitation of endangered species that was first performed by the WWF and the Frankfurt Zoological Society in 1973 in Bukit Lawang.

Regions with a list of bird species in the world's longest reaching 380 species and 129 mammal species provides an opportunity for visitors to observe a variety of biodiversity and fauna found in the woods Tangkahan. Topography of the hill with a cliff suitable for those who like rock climbing, hiking, and camping.

tangkahan north sumatra

One unique activity that is rarely found in other tourist attractions is the chance to bathe the elephants and ride while exploring the woods. After a tired day, you can try to relax the body with a hot shower or bath in the waterfall.

Almost all the tourist activities here. This is the appeal as well as a complete package of Tangkahan The Hidden Paradise in North Sumatra. You just choose which one liking, like soft trekking or adventure?

Not difficult to reach locations Tangkahan because the available means of transportation such as buses are ready to take you to the destination. If tourists from outside the island, on arrival at the airport Kualanamu, you can use Terminal Pinang Baris Damri to then proceed to Tangkahan. Journey time approximately 4-5 hours.

tangkahan north sumatra

Tangkahan usually have tour guides who are ready to take to places you want to visit. For the visitors who intend to stay in a few days, do not worry because it has available rooming houses such as Bamboo River Lodge, Green Lodge, Jungle Lodge, and Tangkahan Inn.

According to information in the lodging price is quite affordable but still with quality and good service, only around Rp 100,000 - Rp 170,000. Not cheap enough? You will be truly pampered while in Tangkahan The Hidden Paradise in North Sumatra.

If you want to ecotourism, must first pass through Batang Serangan River which has a fairly swift current. There is a raft as a pedestrian, try to stay alert when you ride a raft but no need to fear. Enjoy the sensation of being on a raft in the middle of the swift currents of the river.

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