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Taste of Coffee Arabica Kintamani

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MBA Bali Tours - Arabica coffee

Taste of Coffee Arabica Kintamani, Arabica coffee planters belonging to the people of Kintamani, Bangli regency have better quality so that it can enter the national commodities from 15 merchandise nationally defined priorities.

Kintamani arabica coffee has been certified GI (Geographical Indication), arabica coffee grown in the Kintamani tourism area has a number of advantages that have been recognized by consumers, among them concerns the distinctive flavors, pest resistant, fruitful and productivity is high enough.

With the entry of Kintamani arabica coffee as national commodities, have an impact on the development prospects of these commodities in the future, in addition, it has become matadagangan export to Japan, Europe and other countries. Many positive things can be enjoyed by farmers with the inclusion of arabica coffee planters Kintamani seeded national commodity.

In addition arabica coffee Kinamani to Bali, there are crops of tea, cocoa, rubber, oil palm, coconut and other commodities. Regarding special area for Arabica coffee Kintamani, Bali Subak abian covering 64 territories. With the development of superior commodities region, it is expected potential of natural resources, human resources and the use of the machine tool assets, including utilization of plant resources is expected to be managed better.

Alluding to the potential of land resources (acreage of Arabica coffee) in the area of ​​Bali, Buleleng recorded 2,714 hectares with a production of 932 tons, Bangli 6,600 ha produce 2,477 tons, 1,413 ha Badung regency production of 531 tons.




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