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Telkomsel and Indosat Closed, 181 Million will be Displaced

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Assertion Tifatul Sembiring which will close Telkomsel and Indosat for leaking customer data that can be tapped National Security Agency (NSA) was hailed by many parties. 
However, many people doubted. Therefore, when closed, 181 million mobile customers both operators will be abandoned. The number was obtained from Telkomsel subscribers by the end of last year as many as 125 million people and 56 million people Indosat subscribers. 
"The reaction is not excessive, if there is a rat in the barn, not burned barn, because the loss ultimately the National Interest. Problem intercepts where which occurred. Operators in the U.S. such as AT & T and Qwest also experienced a data breach, even reports Snowden backdoor installed where where in OTT world networks, "said Chairman of the Indonesian Infocom Society (Mastel) Rudi Rusdiah, Wednesday (19/2).
As is known, the leaking of Telkomsel and Indosat customer data into the hands of Australia and the National Security Agency to make Tifatul Sembiring have plan to cover both major operators such as government crackdowns.
" Let me see now exist or no involvement of both operators. Closed if there is a direct yes. If all operators convicted of wiretapping, including state-owned enterprises will even close the government. Nobody is above the law in the republic, " said Tifatul on the sidelines of the seminar International Digital Media Usage Among Children and Adolescents, Tuesday ( 19/2 ).
However, minister of communications and information admits that they should first communicate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to obtain data interception by foreign countries. Moreover, the alleged involvement of operators still have to be further investigated.
Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Indonesia ICT Institute Heru Sutadi disclose customer data is a mandate for the operators to confidentiality of all communications. "If the trust is betrayed, without any sanction closure, customers will run away with itself, " he said.
Previously, Communications and Information Technology has asked telecom operators to submit data about customer data security. Telkomsel and Indosat claims it has appropriate procedures to manage customer data and only law enforcement officers are able to access it.
However, that is unfortunate, Kominfo not verified the reports and believe the only operator that the operator in Indonesia is not involved in wiretapping.

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