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Tens of Thousands thronged Tanah Lot More photos

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Tabanan. The first day of year of the snake 2013, Tanah Lot Travel Attractions visited by tens of thousands of visitors. To 13.00 pm, Wednesday (01/01/2013) that the number of tourists visiting the attraction with panoramic Divine Temple Tanah Lot reached 11,506 people. The number is predicted to continue to grow until at 18.00 pm to 5 thousand more.

Ending in 2012, the number of tourists visiting the increase. From H-9 before the turn of the year 2012 towards 2013, the average per day, the number of visitors reached 15,250 tourists. This traffic levels have increased approximately 32.54% compared with the year 2011 to the year 2012 ago where the average per day for H-9 New Year is 11 506 tourists.

DTW Operations Manager Tanah Lot, I Ketut Toya Adnyana said tourist arrivals continue to rise ahead of the sun on January 1, 2013.

"The average per day, the number of tourist visits near the end of the year reached 15,250 tourists," he explained. This number will increase in the first day of 2013. It said most of the tourists who come are domestic tourists from all over Indonesia. They come to see first hand the uniqueness of Divine Temple Tanah Lot which is built on a rock.

"In addition to seeing the majesty Divine Temple Tanah Lot, tourists can also see the sacred serpent, a walk in the area, tasting culinary, we must also
offers shopping, "he explained.

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