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Test Your Adrenaline in Lawe Alas, Aceh

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Waves Lawe (river) Alas loud break rocks. Every now and then it hit the river lapping at the cliff land. Followed by hysterical laughter of the tourists formations in the middle. Yes, that's where the tourists local and foreign tourists to test your adrenaline. Adrenaline motivated to conquer the longest river in Southeast Aceh District, Aceh.

For you fans of rafting, hiking and trekking the river is a suitable place. The river divides throughout the district. An activist rafting in Kutacane, Southeast Aceh, Indra Wahyudi said commonly used channels divided into three, namely from the Village of Salim Pipit, District Babul Rahmah until Injin Batu Village, District Leuser, East Aceh. The distance is about 50 kilometers, or can be taken for 3 hours divides the river.

The second path is the village of Lawe Gurah, District Ketambe until Mbarung Village, District Babussalam Southeast Aceh. This route takes about 3 hours with a length of about 30 kilometers. The final route is from the village of Jambung Mamang, District Lawe Mamas until Mbarung Village, District Babussalam Southeast Aceh. This route is 20 kilometers long, or can be taken 2 hours divides the river.

mba bali tour - rafting in aceh

Indra with his friends established the Aceh Leuser Adventure. Rafting lover community is not just a hobby. They also became a tour guide for local and foreign tourists. "We prepare all the needs such as food, stay in the camp directly in the open in the suburbs Lawe Alas. We also prepared the boat and the boat and so forth, "said Indra.

In fact, tourists who use the services of a young child is given accident insurance. "The price of the services that we offer from IDR 350,000 to IDR 550,000 per person. Depending on the route is far or near, "said Indra.

Lawe Alas listed as one of the popular rafting destination in Indonesia. Swift currents and the wide river is a challenge to be conquered. In addition, while across the river, if lucky you can see a variety of animals such as orangutans, monkeys, birds and other Ranggong. They played merrily along the river.

According to Indra interest of local tourists visiting to Lawe Alas fairly good. The proof, every weekend there are a group of nature lovers and the tourist who wants to conquer the rapids Lawe Alas. After passing through the rafting, you can relax for a moment on the verges of the river while burning carp was super tasty. Generally, local tourists who pass rafting choose activities with grilled fish close together.

Then how the support of the Government of the Southeast Aceh Regency? "Somewhat good, in 2011 and held an international championship at Lawe Alas river rafting. October 19-21, also held a similar event next international level. This marks the start of serious government attention, "said Indra.

He hoped, in the future, the promotion of Lawe Alas become a favorite rafting destination in the international community continues to be done. Thus, Kutacane not only known as the foot of Mount Leuser famous, but is also known for the Lawe Alas ready awaits visitors every time.




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