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The Beauty of Bali Island Beat the Beauty of the Capital of UK

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London has fallen. The sentence started the article on page America Online or AoL on April 5th. His article entitled The No. 1 travel destination in the world for 2017 was named by TripAdvisor written by Morgan Giordano, program manager of

TripAdvisor itself has announced Bali as The World's Best Destination through travelers choice has been since March 21, 2017. Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya said this award is very credible because it was chosen by the world's best online platform for travelers.

Bali itself, if calibrated with the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) World Economic Forum, with its 14 pillars, contributes greatly in lifting Indonesia's tourism competitiveness.

Back to Morgan's article, it was not about the crippling terrorists of London, but the beauty of Bali that surpassed the appeal of the capital of Great Britain. Morgan refers to the TripAdvisor data, a United States website that deals a lot about tourist-related matters.

In the beginning, London was victorious in the top position. London is the dream of travelers around the world. However, now the city where Queen Elizabeth settled had to recognize the power of Bali Island.

Bali was selected as the top destination based on reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants, and attractions collected over the past 12 months by TripAdvisor. Morgan also explained his review, so Bali deserved to beat London.

"Other destinations such as Phuket in Thailand, Crete in Greece are just listed, Bali has become a special place in the minds of the traveler and it is easy to know why," said Morgan.

Bali is surrounded by the sea with beautiful beaches provide the best place to surf. "Surfers can be stunned at Uluwatu Temple standing on a cliff while waiting for the perfect wave," said Morgan.

That is all? Certainly NOT. Bali has many interesting attractions. In Bali can also enjoy the relics of World War II. There is a wreck of USS Liberty warship in Tulamben, Karangasem regency, east side of Bali.

Now, the wreck became one of the favorite locations of divers. In addition, US warships torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942 has also become a home for turtles and octopus that would be an interesting spectacle for divers.

For glitzy world affairs aka night life until the sunrise, tourists in Bali can visit Kuta. As for those who want a quiet, green and cool atmosphere, can go to Ubud. There is a stretch of green rice fields and spa services are affordable.

Still in Ubud, tourists can go to Monkey Forest. Asylum area equipped with the temple be a place of interest, because there are sometimes naughty monkeys with disturbing the visitors.

Bali also has Mount Batur whose peak can be reached by two hours of hiking. "With this incredible variety, it's no wonder that Bali appears at the top of the list," his said.




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