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The Beauty of Trebah Garden, One of The Best Parks in The World

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trebah garden

This week, Trebah Garden in Cornwall, England was showing its peak. Trebah Garden seemed like a natural landscape paintings by Claude Monet when photographed at the end of this September.

Trebah Garden is a sub-tropical garden that became one of the icons Cornwall travel. According to the website In Cornwall, park adjacent to the Helford River is also touted as one of the most beautiful parks in the world. That's because the park camellia, magnolia and rhododendron century old which offers stunning scenery in the spring and summer. Also do not miss the valley covered by hydrangea blue and white in Hydrangea Loire.

trebah garden 2

According to the site Trebah Garden, this garden is also home to a number of the largest trees in the United Kingdom, among others Acer palmatum (Japanese maple), Dicksonia antarctica (Woolly Fern), Laureliopsis Philippiana (tepa Chile), and Magnolia campbellii (giant pink tulip).

Trebah Garden designed according to the request of Charles Fox, a Quaker nobility. His family acquired park land in 1831. Then workmanship garden-law forwarded by Fox, Edmund Backhouse.

trebah garden

In the late summer of this year, the flowers at Trebah Garden in full bloom under the influence of the weather is right. In September it became one season with the hottest weather in British history. High rainfall also makes flowers bloom at Trebah Garden in the best condition.

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