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The Beauty of Underwater Temple Pamuteran Which Had Horrendous World

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underwater temple pamuteran

Bali is not only has a rich culture that is still awake nobility, not only awarded the blue beach with the waves were amazing. Underwater natural beauty was no less riveting. One is a garden temple located on the seabed Pamuteran.

Rows of statues of Hindu gods neatly lying on the seabed. Equipped with twin gates that characterizes mock Hindu. This is the place that had become the center of international admiration a few years ago.

underwater temple pamuteran 1

Reported Hoax or Fact, underwater temple Pamuteran become the object of attention of the world when photographs circulating in cyberspace. Paul M. Turley dives upload pictures via Twitter. The photo immediately viral and spawned numerous speculations. Parks then calculated pura pura Pamuteran underwater newly rediscovered after being lost for centuries.

underwater temple pamuteran 2

Actually underwater temple is not a historic discovery. He's still not reached two decades. Because the temple is a true underwater garden is deliberately established for conservation purposes.

Reported Hoax or Fact, underwater temple in Pamuteran is a project undertaken by the Reef Gardeners in 2005. Initiators are Chris Brown, an environmental activist from Australia. White guy who was called Pak Nyoman by local residents is devoted to conservation efforts Pamuteran and the surrounding region.

underwater temple pamuteran 3

Together with local residents, Brown transform an area of ​​2,500 square meters into underwater park. In a matter of years, the sculptures were 'planted' there was overgrown with coral reefs, incarnated temple on the sea floor are gorgeous.

Pamuteran now underwater temple is regarded as one of the best dive spots. Even international travel website Lonely Planet recommends this place as a tourist destination in Asia mandatory.




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