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The Beauty White Sand of Nirvana Beach

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nirwana beach bau bau

Stretch of white sand along breezes add to the atmosphere along this coast to be beautiful. Imagine, the sea view of bluish and clean make anyone to always feel at home linger on the beach. Yes, this beach called Nirvana Beach that became one of the excellent beaches for the city of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi, and surrounding areas.

Every weekend, the beach is always visited by tourists both local and foreign tourists. A visitor, Retno Wulandari (25), who lives in Jalan NCO, Village Batulo, District Wolio, City Baubau admitted frequenting the beach nirvana with friends office. According to Retno, Nirwana Beach is very scenic.

"This beach is very nice scenery. White sandy beaches, clean and the sea is blue, becomes unsightly. Moreover, if the time of sunset, the view is incredible. We sometimes make the show office on this beach, "said Retno, Monday (11/02/2015).

white sand nirwana beach

Nirvana beach was situated in the Village Sula, District Betoambari, can be taken approximately 15 minutes from the city center and not far from Baubau Baubau Airport. Visitors who came on a motorbike had to pay the money goes to IDR 2,000 and IDR 5,000 for the car. When entering into a beach location there are many reeds roofed gazebo for resting spot for visitors who rented Rp 30,000 by the locals. There is also a place for grilled fish on the beach.

White sand feels very soft when stepped on. This makes some small children running chasing each other on the white sand. There are also some small children use floats to swim at the beach. Nirwana beach safe for children to swim. A resident about Nirvana Beach, La Dami (49), said the beach is not only a favorite place for local tourists only. Foreign tourists also often come to visit the beach.

"Under the right there is a nice coral reef. I see a lot of tourists by boat to come diving. Tourists sometimes say the beach is beautiful scenery, "said La Dami. Not only that, further La Dami, visitors coming to Nirvana Beach arena not only for bathing, but also sometimes used for casual events and for the family photo session. "This beach is often used for pre-wedding photos. Usually they were photographed in the late afternoon when the sun was sinking, "said La Dami.

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