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The Best 10 Restaurant with Stunning Views of The Island of The Gods

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Want to try the sensation dinner with a cool view like in Hollywood romantic movies? No need to go far away to the United States there to make it happen. In Indonesia wrote there, really. Much anyway.
Do not believe it? Listen recommendation and a brief review of the following Qraved.
If you longer vacation to Bali, just try to visit one of the 10 restaurants with this cool view. You will feel like abroad.

1. The Restaurant Hanging Gardens Ubud

bali tour - restaurant hanging garden ubud

Although located in Bali, resot this one did not offer a view of the beach. You see, the restaurant located in The Hanging Gardens hotel is located in the mountains.
On offer here is a beautiful atmosphere with trees surrounding the restaurant building. Its location was at the edge of the cliff, giving a different view for visitors.

2. Finns Beach Club

bali tour - finns beach club

Consider the scenery around Finns Beach Club. Blue tropical beach as far as the eye can see. Who does not like to linger relax at a place like this?
But to enjoy the scenery here visitors will need extra effort. This place can not be accessed by vehicles. The only means of transportation that can be used is the tram. But the effort required commensurate with the beautiful scenery that you will enjoy, really.

3.Jimbaran Beach Club

bali tour - jimbaran beach club

Jimbaran Beach Club is the most suitable place for sunbathing in Bali. Lying relaxed, we could tanning and enjoying the sunset accompanied by the sea breeze.

4. Karma Beach

bali tour - karma beach

Just like Finn's Beach Club, this place is also relatively difficult to access with vehicles. You must use the tram to reach it.
But precisely because of the location of Karma Beach secluded enough that we can freely enjoy the scenery. Because not many tourists who crowded beach.

5. El Kabron

bali tour - el kabron resto

Resto this one offers views of cool at the same time good food. Visit here during the afternoon, you can swim while enjoying the atmosphere of the beach towards the sunset.
If you are not interested in swimming, just relax while enjoying the evening atmosphere here is also legitimate. All try Paella there are delicious.

6. The Deck Cafe Lembongan

bali tour - the deck cafe lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is located on a tiny island separated from Bali. But here is quite easy to access, too! Just takes 45 minutes to travel by speedboat.
The scenery in the deck was really cool. Relatively empty of visitors, you can settle for self enjoy the sunset, mountain scenery, and the activities of the fishermen while dining on the deck.

7. Pirate Beach Club Lembongan

bali tour - pirate beach club lembongan

Pirate Beach Club is also located in Nusa Lembongan like The Deck. If here you can hang out at the beach club that offers its typical exotic tropical shades.
Note the thatched huts and places to relax on the beach that looks shady above. Cool, right? Such as Brighton Beach, Australia.

8. Rock Bar

bali tour - rock bar

As the name implies, the Rock Bar is really built on the cliff. Instead of a view of the beach, visitors can watch the waves from the top. Cool, right?

9. Metis

bali tour - metis seminyak

Metis standing in the middle of the green rice fields. As far as the eye can see, the expanse of paddy in the wind makes dining atmosphere became more relaxed. Suitable also for a romantic meal with your partner.

10. Sandy Bay Beach Club - Lembongan

bali tour - sandy bay beach club lembongan

Lembongan is most fit for outdoor dining accompanied by a view of the sunset. Do not need many words. See own view is offered. Cool, right?




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