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The Cities Drowning Under the Sea

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Speaking about the sunken city of Atlantis is certainly closely related to that until now its presence is still a puzzle. This legendary city is very famous for is said to be a rich area and eventually disappear. Many researchers are convinced that the city is sinking in the sea floor, but until now its existence has remained a mystery.

Regardless of the mystery of the lost city of Atlantis, some other cities even been found submerged in the seabed. Some of them have a history of terrible why his city until it sinks. Now these towns into ghost town that manghantui seabed. The following cities seabed full of mystery.


Perhaps nothing is more shocking than a sunken city than Lion City in China. The city is submerged under water and the process can occur intentionally not due to natural forces such as earthquakes. Lion City is at the bottom of the lake Quiandao or Thousand Island. It is an artificial lake in the 1950s. The lake is made by submerging the ancient city beneath.
Approximately 20-40 meters depth there are remnants of the ancient city of Lion City who had triumphed in the era of the Han Dynasty circa 25-200 AD. The city is 62 times the size of a football field. Sinking of the ancient city is because the Chinese government need to build a giant dam. This ancient city can still be enjoyed by tourists in a way seen from the surface of the lake.


Port Royal is a town next seabed. The city is covered with ancient immoral life story. Around the end of the 16th century known as the Port royal pirate nest area that contains a variety of free life such as prostitution, liquor and wild debauchery. So no wonder if the city is nicknamed the City The Sinner.

Port Royal was finally sunk after an earthquake of 7.5 on the Richter scale hit the city. Due to this earthquake two thirds of Port Royal as sucked into the oceans and claimed 2,000 inhabitants. Many people believe this is the punishment of God for the pirates. Now the remains of a sunken city into a dive spot. Archaeologists are still actively exploring the site to look for historical artifacts.

3. PYRAMID Yonaguni - JAPAN

Located at the southern tip of Japan there is a very large megalithic sites named pyramid Yonaguni. Amazing site is located on the seabed and shaped like a pyramid complete with terraces giant square-shaped stone. It is estimated that this site has a height of 76 meters.

The existence of the site is still a debate among scientists about whether this is man-made or naturally formed by nature. If only this site is man-made, they mempresiksi the building is made in 10,000 years BC. While scientists continue to argue, the tourists prefer to enjoy the beauty of the way around the dive this site.

4. Dwarka, GULF Khambhat - INDIA

Khambat bay is an inlet of the Arabian Sea that extends as far as 150 kilometers and divides the Kathiawar peninsula of Gujarat, India. In 2000, the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) found the controversial site in the form of remnants of a building on the sea floor.
The archaeologists believe if it is the ancient ruins of the kingdom of Krishna previously regarded as a myth in India. There are also some who argue that the city was destroyed after a battle with aliens. Clear what was once regarded as a myth now people into believing if the kingdom of Krishna is real.


Ruins of ancient cities submerged beneath the sea is the Temple of Cleopatra. This temple is located off the coast of Alexandria, and is believed to be first Cleopatra, queen of Egypt lived. The temple has now been submerged in the seabed, many archaeologists believed that the earth was the earthquake caused the city to sink.

In the vicinity of the discovery site Cleopatra temple were also found temple patron goddess Cleopatra. In addition there are about 140 artifacts found on the ocean floor, Alexandria. Even many who believe if there is also buried in the tomb of Cleopatra. In 2009 archaeologists temple tower Cleopatra lifted from the seabed weighing nine tons.

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That cities are known to have existed on the Earth's surface before sinking to the bottom of the sea by earthquakes. Some buildings even still intact so shocking how magnificent the city in ancient times.




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