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The Elected New President of the Indonesian

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People who selected to be the next president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, is not well-known politician before he ran for and became governor of Jakarta two years ago.

He grew up in a poor area, which is located at the edge of time Solo, Central Java. His father was a carpenter, according to a biography written about the man who nicknamed this Jokowi.

As a child he helped his father worked after school and involved in selling food that made ​​her mother to supplement the family income.

But his political opponents denied this version and said that Jokowi born to a middle class family who has a furniture business and that the simple story of the early life-crafted to appeal to voters.

After graduating from the Forest Management Department, Gadjah Mada University, one of the best campuses in Indonesia, Jokowi then build their own business.

He was elected as mayor of his home city of Solo in 2005, and then was re-elected with a huge support for a second term in 2010 Since then he has built a reputation as a leader of a pro-active and won praise in terms of public service, building a city park and provide education and Free health.

In 2012, he was nominated for the World Mayor Award from the City Mayors Foundation think tank. In the same year he was elected as the governor of Jakarta, after promising to tackle the perennial problem of congestion and flooding in Jakarta.

He has not had time to realize its promise, even though he has made the move to start the construction of two large public transportation projects in Jakarta and credited with streamlining the bureaucracy and provide free health costs for the poor.

As governor, he often visited the poor areas of Jakarta and talk to the residents, so that he gained a reputation as a populist leader.
The story of his childhood life simple and humble lifestyle that still resonates to this day among the common people. Campaign slogan,

"We are Jokowi", he capitalizes excellence in the eyes of voters.

"Democracy is about listening to people and taking concrete steps," said Jokowi in a presidential debate. "That's why I spend a lot of time to visit the villages, markets and fishing communities."

Jokowi election marks something new in Indonesia's political universe. "It is unthinkable" that someone as simple as it can be president, or even the head of a political party in the past though.

As a fan of heavy metal, Jokowi often seen watching the concert. He mingled with the fans when the legendary band Metallica gig in Jakarta last year.

During the campaign, Jokowi promised to provide free education and health as well as improving the infrastructure.

World famous musicians including Sting, British rock band Arkarna and singer Jason Mraz Jokowi help provide support for elections on July 9, through the account of their official Facebook and Twitter.

Although a modest reputation, but based on the reports of wealth, carrying Jokowi has assets of nearly USD. 30 billion. Personal assets including home, motor vehicles and furniture business results.




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