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The fragrance of Cemetery only at Trunyan Village, Bali

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Bangli - Imagine a skull lying on the ground, but not the slightest smell of carrion smell. This is the uniqueness of the cemetery in the Trunyan village, Bangli Regency, Bali. Here there is no corpse that was buried, but the air is fragrant scent.

Trunyan has a unique cemetery. Instead buried, or burned like a Balinese cremation ceremony, the corpse in the Trunyan village left just above the ground. These corpses just shut down food shelf made ​​of leaves.

But strangely, there was no smell of carrion wafted here. Though the skull and bones scattered in many places. There was no scent of frangipani flowers as well as the public grows at a funeral. The reason is Taru Menyan, giant tree Trunyan name.

Taru Menyan tree standing upright in the middle of the cemetery, leaves waving in the wind. This is a large tree which is said to produce a fragrant aroma, eliminates smell of carrion in the air.

According to legend, the one who Taru Menyan fragrance hypnotically 4 brothers from Surakarta to wade through land and sea to arrive in the Trunyan village. Short stories, 4 brothers consisted of 4 men and the youngest women. On arrival at Trunyan elder brother fell in love with the guardian goddess of the tree.

After getting married, be Trunyan a small kingdom. Although the guardian goddess of trees have been married, Taru Menyan still oozing fragrant. Due to fear of attack from the outside because of the smell of the fragrance, the king ordered residents to remove the scent by putting the corpse just above the ground.

Root Taru Menyan stuck to various places, one of which places a row of rack-food containing a corpse. Around the rack-food are relics of the late. There are photos, plates, handkerchiefs, clothes, jewelry, and others.

Tradition letting the corpse without buried has been for hundreds of years. However, the condition, the bodies must be intact and died of natural causes. There was no injury or illness. Whether or not a person 'buried' in Trunyan also seen good or bad behaviors of the person during life.

The number of the corpse were covered rack food only 11, there will be increased or reduced. If it is full, the bones of the skull is shifted so that had gathered at the edges.

Although scary, no fewer tourists are curious and want to see their own graves Trunyan. Achieving this place is also quite easy. You can rent a boat from Pier Kedisan on one side of Lake Batur, directly towards graveyard Trunyan. Price per boat from Rp 50,000-100,000, with a travel time of about 30 minutes each way. This boat can carry up to 5 travelers at a time.




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