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The Great Wall of India Keep Many Secrets

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It is an ancient wall surrounding a fort Kumbhalgarh. Historically, this wall is a silent witness to the best of India's history. 
It also turned out great wall to provide protection against the 300 ancient temples in India. This wall was built was intended as a protection of existing buildings there are also people around. 

The Great Wall of India is the most recognizable buildings and quite sensational in the country who earned the nickname of Bollywood. The building is also often referred to Kumbhalgarh Fort. Built during the 15th century by Rana Kumbha, and enlarged in the 19th century. 

Although the first was closed to the public, the great wall is now open to the public. Many tourists who visit India always stop to this region. Not only has the great wall of China, but India also have it. 

In fact, the building is also designated as a World Heritage Site in India. Every night, this wall entertain tourists who come to turn on the lights spectacular. 

However, visitors who come to see these buildings should remain cautious given the age of the building is getting old and always have the potential to collapse anytime. The management remains the restoration of the building, to keep it safe visited by tourists from all over the world, as reported Atlasobscura.

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