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The History and Meaning of Balinese Peoples Name

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If you're in Bali, you would often hear Balinese names begin Wayan, Made, Nyoman, Ketut, and so on. All names it turns out nothing.

We begin first with the title I and Ni in the names of the people of Bali. The letter I in front of the names Wayan for example, is a word that means the clothing of men. While the word female clothing marker is Ni. I and Ni also means a man and a woman from a family of common people, not caste or commonly called the Jaba. If he was born in the family of metal smith, the Balinese people named Pande. When in front of Ida Bagus Wayan his title, he would be born in a Brahmin family. Ida Bagus means the Handsome or Honorable. If only he was named Anak Agung, he was born in a noble family.

Wayan name is derived from the word "wayahan" which means that most parents. Titel second child is Made rooted from the word "Madia" which means the middle. The third child called Nyoman which is etymologically derived from the word "Uman" which means "rest" or "end ". so according to the Balinese way of life, should a family with three children alone. After the birth of three, we are advised to be" prudent ". But the ancient, traditional herbal medicine less effective in preventing pregnancy, and abortion is always displeased, so a married couple may have more than three children.

The fourth child Ketut title. It is derived from the ancient word "Kitut" which means a small banana at the outer edge of a bunch of bananas. He is the son of "bonus" dear. Since the family planning program that encouraged the government, the less the Bali named Ketut. That's why there are fears of extinction while the Balinese will this beloved title.

When family planning fails, and a family has more than four children, then start from the fifth child, the Bali repeat the cycle title above. Fifth-degree child Wayan, Made sixth, and so on.

But if you talk in more detail, the third title of the hierarchy of the birth of the Balinese have synonyms;
Wayan: Putu, Kompiang, or Gede,
Made: Kadek or Nengah,
Nyoman: Komang.
While the name is not synonymous special Ketut.

Such as the Javanese, Balinese people do not have a family name or surname. So judging from the glass eyes of the west, the Balinese only have a first name without the family name. This supposedly allows people to masquerade in time of war. Even if forced, after the military defeat, a nobleman could claim to be the most. And all his descendants were forced to wear the title of the first or Ni.

Many things changed in Bali since the independence of Indonesia. When in ancient times people name their son at will, often without meaning, or simply onomatopoeic, in this day and age, people began to busy taking names derived from Sanskrit.

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