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The List of The Best Place to Skydive in Asia

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 skydive asia

Asia is famous for cultural exoticism, dining experience, a beautiful nature. This is so the reasons travelers from all over the world to play around to various parts of Asia.

At higher levels, the natural beauty across Asia have turned out to be an attraction to be combined with extreme sports, one of which skydive. How not, Asia has many beautiful beaches, incredible natural contours, even the highest mountain on the continent there is also the largest in the world.

It is not wrong to see the different locations to skydive extreme, which combines the beauty of nature as well as urban areas, with the thrill of extreme sports challenges. here are some of the most beautiful sites contained skydiving in Asia.


 skydive karimunjawa

One of the sites that highlight the natural beauty skydiving than just adrenaline, is if we choose to skydive in Karimun. This is because many sites skydive in Indonesia conducted in a military flight, which only shows the view of urban and green rice field of the sky. In contrast to the Publications, the atmosphere of the small islands, the blue sea and white sand, not to mention the cloud is right under us, would be a special atmosphere unuk we get in Indonesia.


 skydive pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand is one of the famous tropical beaches located in urban areas, which strongly suggests that the metropolitan area. However Pattaya is most famous sites to skydive in Thailand. The combination of an urban atmosphere and oceans will be the main attractions if you choose to skydive in Pattaya.


 skydive langkawi

No doubt, the island of Langkawi is one of the most beautiful places in Malaysia. World class scenery with blue ocean expanse of tropical islands with white sand and interesting, making skydive in Langkawi are also highly favored by the adrenaline junkie who had come to Southeast Asia. With fly zone through the various islands and ends at the beach of Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi is one of the best skydive sites in Asia.


 skydive dubai

Who would doubt the beauty of dubai as a metropolitan city with many beautiful cities and skyscrapers. And it is that we can enjoy from the top of the skydive. Dubai The view from the top was incredible. We skydive just above Palm Island, an artificial island that is famous in Dubai. In addition, we can see two famous buildings in the world located in Dubai, Burj Khalifa and Burj Al-Arab, through one leap.

Mount Everest

 skydive mount everest

If you had the opportunity to Himalaya, Nepal, to climb Mount Everest, do not forget also to see the beauty from above through skydive. Skydive conducted in Sagamartha National Park, in the highest place in the world. The view offered is very different to what the site offers another skydive. Mountain atmosphere with unique contours and assortment as well as the mainland fully closed by a cloud. Amazing!

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