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The Lovely Dance of Sea King's in Cendrawasih Bay

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If Raja Ampat is a nautical paradise province of West Papua, the Paradise Bay is a paradise giant Papua Province. Not without reason, considering the marine ecosystem is incorporated in Cendrawasih Bay National Park is the largest in Indonesia. The main attractions are served from Paradise Bay is the Whale Shark. In fact, the biggest fish in the world is just one of the many unique and beautiful marine life that can be enjoyed in the ocean depths Papua.

Encounter With The Sea Kings
One attraction at Paradise Bay is a whale shark the most anticipated appearance. Because divers are able to interact directly with the sea king's Cendrawasih Bay friendly. Whale sharks often come to the surface and used to interact with the fishermen. Usually they appear around the chart floating or some sort of floating homes where to catch fish, which are found along the waters Kwatisore.

Visiting The First Man in Paradise Bay
Not only the beauty of the underwater charming, Papua province also has a cruising tour caves located on the island Mioswaar. Uniquely cave has hot springs containing sulfur. In this cave as well, can be found Wandau tribal ancestor skeleton very well preserved, because it is believed as a man who came first in Mioswaar Island. Noemfoor On the island there is also a human skull and an antique plates and carved chests that have historical and cultural value. Meanwhile, on the island of Roon is no place for diving and snorkeling, observing wildlife, waterfalls, and cultural tourism, and an old church. Many Christians visit to a church in the village of Yende (Roon Island) to see the holy book published in 1898.

Visiting Cendrawasih Bay
Instead of May to October became the month right to visit Paradise Bay. However, before the tourists visiting there must consent in advance to the manager or the local government. In Cendrawasih Bay National Park area is still not available hotel or inn. Generally dive operators provide services to stay on the ship for 4 to 10 days. Travelers' needs is also available from the bed, eating and drinking as well as equipment and dive guides.

Heading into the Park, tourists have a plane headed to Biak. From Biak connected with a small plane into Manokwari, or Nabire. Another alternative from Nabire airport headed to Paradise Bay could use a motor boat with a distance of about 3 hours.




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