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The Mayan

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On Friday, December 21, some people say that the Mayans predicted apocalypse is coming, and the world will come to an end. Good news, apocalypse does not seem to happen.
NASA space agency issued a press release dated December 22, entitled "Why the World is Ended Yesterday".
Predictions about the end of the Maya arose from a misunderstanding about the ancient Mayan long count calendar, which ended the 400-year cycle called b'ak'tun on December 21, 2012, which was the point of the winter solstice.

The calculation was coincidence is b'ak'tun to-13 in the calendar, which is the benchmark of the Maya considered the full cycle of creation of the universe.
Do you understand? Cycle. In other words, the Maya had a cycle for a time and will not see the end of the calendar cycle as the end of the world.
Actually, these estimates will not appear until the West began reinterpreting the calendar in recent decades - suggests that the calendar marks Judgment.

Mayan doomsday rumors proliferated on the Internet, ranging from the belief that December 21 will bring a new era of peace and understanding to the prediction of universal understanding astronomical event that destroys the universe. We're all in favor of world peace, but we are here to make your fears go away, the possible destruction of the Earth.
Here are five Mayan doomsday prophecy concerns are common and why the prophecy was not going to happen:

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