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The Reason Of Healthy Vacation

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Spend a vacation to travel is fun. Who does not like to see new places, explore, and a respite from the daily routine.

No wonder so many people regularly scheduled vacation agenda at least once a year. Not just fun, traveling actually are healthy.

1. beatify
In the happiness index scores released Gallup-Healthways known, those who regularly go on holiday with friends and family feel a sense of greater happiness than those not on vacation.

2. Reduce stress
The most fun activity of traveled is visiting new places and different, such as exploring the museum, downtown, garden or landscape. The activity was able to reduce stress.

Not only that, the holiday also helps your brain stay active and stimulated so that the learning process continues. The brain activity is also known to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

3. Seeing travel photos produce the same effect as the streets.
Although traveled happy, but there are many people who feel unhappy after the holiday. In other words, the happy effect of actually short.

Well, one way to extend the pleasant feeling is to look at pictures of us while on vacation, tell a friend, or write it in the blog. The point is to create a fun memory during the tour alive.

4. Refreshing body and soul
Travelling is one healthy way to pause from the daily routine. While on vacation we can "recharge the batteries", had a chance to relax and think for yourself.

5. Healthy brain
Experiencing new things is the best way to maintain healthy nerves. Your sensory nerve stimulation during a vacation by trying new foods, textures, see different things such as daily routine, even smell different.

6. Enhance creativity
There is a hypothesis which says that the roads out of the country makes us more creative. The new experiences that we can of course could stimulate the birth of creative ideas.




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