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The Recommendation Sightseeing Version of Lonely Planet 2016

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Botswana wildlife

Many foreign tourists come to Botswana every year to witness the life of wildlife.

Lonely Planet published the book "Best in Travel 2016" for the tourists in the entire world. In the book, readers find 10 ranking regions, cities and states are recommended to be visited in 2016. For the category of best country to travel version of the Lonely Planet is Bostwana in the area of South Africa. Japan then ranked second "Best Travel in 2016". "Bostwana reminds most people if go there too expensive, too difficult to reach, or not friendly to families. However, there are many options for all types of travelers throughout the year," says Editorial Director, Lonely Planet, Tom Hall quoted YahooTravel.

The following 10 Best Country ranking: 1. Botswana 2. Japan 3. United States 4. Palau 5. Latvia 6. Poland 7. Australia 8. Uruguay 9. Greenland 10. Fiji. 

Meanwhile, Kotor City in Montenegro, became the top ranking of the best cities to be visited by tourists versions of Lonely Planet. Hall said the dramatic landscapes, the walls of the historic city, and the beautiful bay, Kotor deserves to be recognized as a city that should be visited by tourists in 2016. "The year 2016 is the time for you to see this amazing city. When he arrived there, you can experience the traditional life," continued Hall.

Botswana wildlife

Kotor City is a town located in western Montenegro.

The following 10 Best Cities ranking for Tourism Year 2016: 1. Kotor, Montenegro 2. Quito, Ecuador 3. Dublin, Republic of Ireland 4. George Town, Malaysia 5. Rotterdam, Netherlands 6. Mumbai, India 7. Fremantle, Australia 8. Manchester, England 9. Nashville, United States 10. Rome, Italia.


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