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The Thrill "Off-Road" Along Mount Merapi

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Jeep on Mount Merapi

Great eruption occurred in 2010 ago to make the area around Mount Merapi destroyed. Five years after the disaster, most of the site is clean again, but a few are left still resemble the original in order to serve as a tourist attraction.

Not just traveled up to see the beauty of Mount Merapi, tourists can also learn eruption that occurred five years ago. One way down the remnants of the eruption of Merapi is the off-road Jeep up the leased existing communities.

Excitement occurs when cars Jeep started crashing extreme cobbled streets without hesitation. In fact, not infrequently there are some drivers who choose the path of nosy so extreme by the vehicle accelerates fast.

The duration and length of service offered by this diverse off-road. The shortest route usually takes 1.5-2 hours drive. While the longest route takes 4 hours.

One jeep driver, duration and length of the route depends on the number of sites visited. "The longest 4 hours was added to the tomb and the house Mbah Marijan.

Throughout the journey, the driver will explain how the eruption of Mount Merapi to show the places affected by the eruption.

house of memory on mount merapi

The first destination that can be visited are The House of Memory. The roof of the building without former houses. However, when the eruption occurred, the building was destroyed, leaving only the walls standing potluck.

In The House of Memory are a collection of objects that will become victims of hot lava flowing at that time. A variety of objects ranging from tableware, chairs, up to a bike that looks mengarat. Not only that, the framework of farm animals also displayed in this museum. There are also photographs of the eruption at that time.

After a look at The House of Memory, visitors will then be taken to the Stone Face. Large stone which is also known as the Alien Stone is a material vomit when Mount Merapi erupted. This stone if the note resembles wajas someone with a gaping mouth.

Apart from the stone face, the next goal is Bangker. This location is a bunker built by the government for a place to hide Sleman citizens experience when Merapi eruption. Bunker which was built in 2004 to 2005 is unfortunately are not used anymore today.

It used to be built for shelter, only in 2006 when lava turns to bottom through this, there are two volunteers died in

The initial intention was actually to shelter volunteers. However, according to Heru bunker door closed when it is not perfect so hot lava can still get into the bunker and settles to the present.

After Bangker, there are still some places that could be visited.

For tourists who want to try off-road travel Merapi, The driver advised to come early morning or call in advance to make an appointment. If not, tourists can wait too long. Do not forget to bring along a mask to avoid dust on face.

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