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The world's Oldest Fish Found In Alaska

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Fish were recently found a Seattle resident named Henry Liebman likely break the record as the oldest fish. Estimated 200 years old.

The fish species commonly referred to in English shorttrajer rockfish or by the scientific name Sebates borealis.

The age of the fish broke the previous record for the oldest fish, which is 175 years old. Troy Tydingco from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game revealed that a type of fish previously found smaller than those found Liebman.

"The fish was a length of 83 cm, while Henry was found measuring 104 cm. Thus, the discovery of fish can indeed be older," said Tydingco was quoted as saying by LiveScience, Tuesday (07/02/2013).

How does the age of the fish can be determined by carefully? Scientists determine the age of the fish is based on bony structures called otolith ear. The bones have an annual cycle showing its age.

Not surprising because only a very old age, the fish still make vexed scientists.

Age of animal life still a puzzle until now. There is a view that small animals tend to have a longer life because of the size increase the chances of abnormal cell growth and cancer. While these fish can grow quite large.

Liebman himself caught fish in addition to being the oldest fish rockfish also be the largest ever found. Weighed 17.73 pounds.

However, these fish are not animals oldest ever found. The oldest animal ever found was a quahog clams from the waters of Iceland. The small soft animals was estimated to be 400 years old.




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