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These Tips Make Traveling More Efficient and Fun!

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Traveling does not have to be expensive. Now, everyone including you can take a vacation without the need to incur huge costs. How to?

For the sake of a cheap vacation, you certainly have to think smart and often forced to sacrifice some things. But still, this does not mean that will reduce the fun holiday. You can even feel the exciting new experience because this cost savings.

Curious how the traveling way of saving ? It was easy, you just need to follow the following seven powerful tips:


1. Set the luggage

Want traveling how many days? Traveling in a fair amount of time can make you confused set of luggage. All goods want to be taken, but clearly it was not possible. How do I work around this?

First, do some simple research about the city, ranging from culture to season. Then, adjust the clothes and goods that must be taken. You can not bring a thick jacket if you want to traveling to the city of Semarang, known as hot air.

Have prepared what items would be taken? Now, you must be smart to do the trick packing. Do not fold the clothes as when you want to put it in the closet. Clothes should be rolled up to save space in your suitcase or backpack. Use the different pockets for items fit the category, for example for cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, and electronic devices.

Research and proper packing techniques can save space in your suitcase. What is more important, so do not excess baggage until you do not need to pay extra at check-in at the airport.

2. Go at off-season

If you want to save the cost of traveling, select the time to go that is not coincided with the festival season. Go to Yogyakarta during the celebration of Vesak or to Medan Lake Toba Festival is currently held will make you confused arrange finance for ticket soared.

Moreover, the current went slack season (off season) will not reduce the essence of the holiday. Precisely to go at this time, you can enjoy traveling with better. Imagine, you can visit the various attractions without the need to queue long at the ticket counter or crammed in with other travelers souvenir center.

3. Buy tickets for wear applications

How do I get cheap tickets but wait promo? The answer is by booking tickets through applications that have been provided by online travel agent (OTA) specific. You can get tickets at bargain prices when using the application, compared to booking via the desktop.

4. Select the hostel only to stay

In order to save the cost of a holiday, staying at the hostel could be an option. Currently, hostel facilities and services began competing and some of them even have approached the quality of the hotel.

Hostel facilities can also be relied upon. Various hostel for backpackers in Singapore, for example, complements its facilities with a free breakfast and a communal kitchen. The complimentary breakfast is of course could save your wallet because it did not have to hunt for breakfast outside in the morning.

Interestingly, you can meet a lot of other traveler and sharing stories exciting experience. It is quite possible, you would have a traveling companion to roam the city on the next day.

5. Leave the taxi, taking public transportation alone

Forget prestige in your destination city. If you usually choose to take a taxi everywhere, this time you should choose the local public transport which cost is certainly much cheaper.

Besides the issue of cost savings, ride public transportation can also be a place for you to meet local people and interact with them. If lucky, they will provide information about points of interest that is not widely known by other travelers.

6. Eat like the locals

Stomach affairs can not be underestimated during the holidays and be a part of the most drain bag. How should I eat is not a problem when traveling?

You should be able to mingle with the locals and eat like them. Avoid eating at expensive restaurants. Instead, select the typical food in the traditional market or local restaurant. Plus the value of eating at places like that is you can taste traditional cuisine with a friendly price pouch.

7. Cut the cost of a souvenir

Want to buy a gift for a friend but limited funds? Multipurpose difficult, indeed. If not brought souvenirs, you could be considered stingy.

Calm down, you can still give souvenirs to loved ones without breaking the bank. The trick? Simply send a postcard with a picture of a typical panoramic city where you are traveling. Take a picture and print specific to them can also be a by-the sweet and more memorable.

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