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This Couple Did a Wedding in 7 Different States

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Many things can be done by the couple after they were married. Some couples will plan to do a honeymoon to some countries, the pair is doing much the same way only they repeat their wedding party in seven different countries.

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British pair named Amelia and Brett Irwin was initially faced problems when going to perform weddings because apparently his brother will get married in the same month. The wedding party they had craved before eventually did not materialize and they decided to simply register their marriage in a registry office and save about 10,000 poundsterling to be used for weddings.

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Finally, to make the wedding more memorable, they decided to visit seven other countries and say vows in seven places. Some of the locations that they use to get married are Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Nepal, Mauritania, and South Africa.

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In each country, Brett and Amelia will invite and encourage families who intend to come to see their marriage in that country. They say this way is cheaper and fun than a big wedding party.

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The mother of Brett witnessed a wedding in China, Mauritania, and South Africa. While parents Amelia attending a wedding in the UK and France. Location final destination of the trip is South Africa, where the marriage of brother Breet. Of course in the country, the couple re-married.




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