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This Sand Beach, Definitely Looking for Lives

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Located on the beach, definitely want to play with the sand that is on the shoreline. However, digging sand at the beach lead to death. How so? 
Lifeguard warned travelers not to dig the sand on the Constantine beach, England. Because the tunnels to the hill to make a death trap on the excavator itself. 
Previously, the coast guard has found the tunnel as far as seven feet in the dangerous sand dunes not far from Constantine Bay, Cornwall. Digging sand during the summer and make a hill causing them trapped or buried alive when a winter storm arrived. 
"Many travelers made ​​dunes along the coast of Constantine during the past year to change their lives dramatically. Because the risk of a sand dune collapsed and buried them alive, "said a spokesman for coastal managers as reported by Dailymail, Wednesday (07/09/2014). 
The tunnel finally found the coast guard backfilled with sand before the children are curious. It seeks to provide a warning not tempted to explore every tunnel sand or dig into it.

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