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Thousands of Kites Flying in the Sky Denpasar

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Various types of kites flying in the sky city of Sanur, Denpasar. Unmitigated, the number reached 1,740 kites. Kite competitions is the annual celebration event to brighten Sanur Village Festival IX / 2014. 
Kite festival is named Sanur Kite Festival. This celebration became one of the main part of the annual event as confirms the identity of the village on the coast which has a long tradition of flying kites since. Various shapes and colors of kites is interesting attractions for domestic and foreign tourists who visit to Sanur.
This festival takes the theme of "Morning of the World", confirms that the next Sanur with a variety of activities is welcome attraction of the sun that can be packed into a tourism icon. Both traditional kite JANGGAN, BEBEAN, PECUKAN during the wind is always in the sky Sanur. 
Sanur Kite Festival Committee Chairman, Kadek ARMIKA said, participants not only from the local kite community, but also come from Jakarta, Australia, Austria and Sweden. He said, on Saturday (08/23/2014) has competed 800 kites and Sunday morning until late 900s other kites.

Kadek said, there are some categories that are contested in the kite festival this time the traditional categories, typical burden has Sanur, bebeban bebadungan, Janggan, Janggan tail, pecukan, new creations. "There is also the appearance of the children with bebean and Janggan made ​​from recycled plastic. Audience very much and make the implementation Mertasari Beach race increasingly dense. 

In this race organizers gave participants the freedom to be creative. Interest of the participants is remarkable that the kite festival held at Coast Mertasari really crowded by participants with a colorful sky.

There is an interesting thing when observed from the implementation of the kite festival this time that all the participants are not allowed to bring a sound system that usually accompany, and it does look very natural and increasingly impressive how natural sounds combined with colorful kites and motion The blue sky is really quite fascinating. In addition, there is a classification of the participants of age to 12 years age category of children and adolescents aged 12-20 years category, and age over 20 years the adult category. 
Kadek ARMIKA, very appreciate to all participants, being able to maintain order and to compete in a competitive and healthy. Cheerfulness of the participants seemed to look how when a kite that is brought from the place of origin, re-installed with the towing rope, then fly perfectly splitting the sky Sanur.

One of the participants from Sanur who flew 6 kites in the community, expressed joy on the sunny weather being so supportive and spirit of penoton were so enthusiastic. The kite is very relevant as an important support for the branding image the Morning of the World.

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