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Three Good Tablet Brought Traveling

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Traveled more comfortable if luggage is not too heavy and full . Many of the travelers who still want to bring electronic devices for entertainment interlude . Now, technology has simplify it . There have been many vendors that provide dozens of tablets to carry traveled .

Most consumers will feel more ' stylish ' when carrying the iPad when traveling . In fact , many tablets that have the same superiority with the iPad , even more fitting to take a tour. Here are 3 of these tablets :

1 . Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Sony seems to have been steadily making device that resists extreme conditions . Anti - sand tablet is built with 10 -inch screen has an HD ratio but still thin . The tablet is also waterproof . This means that , if travelers choose air travel , no need to worry with her ​​tablet . In addition to tough , this Android tablet is equipped with front and rear cameras , GPS , and 16GB of memory .

2 . Google Nexus 7

Google tablet made by Asus for this belongs to the lightest tablet in its class . Although extremely lightweight , this tablet can do heavy work such as playing games with high graphics . With the system the zippy quad - core processor , the tablet is able to work very quickly and multi - tasking . The battery can last up to 7 hours .

This tablet is built with a 7 -inch screen and a 1200 pixel LCD panel . Memory up to 16 GB . Additionally , this tablet also built with Wi - Fi with 4G koneski . For business tourists and fans of the game , this tablet gives a clear advantage .

3 . Kindle Fire HD

This tablet is not very sophisticated , but it is very practical to use . This tablet has a 7 inch screen , does not slim Google Nexus 7 , but but the rage. With 16 GB of memory , the tablet is enough to store a variety of data .

This tablet is built with a dual - core The Fire . Screen resolution was not sharp . In fact there is no GPS connection or Wi - Fi . However , many users are comfortable with this tablet . For tourists who want to keep hi - tech but not complicated , Kindle Fire HD is the right choice.

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