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Timbis Hill, Paradise for Paragliding in Bali

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Already can not be denied again, Bali is a haven for extreme sports in Indonesia. Not only cultural exoticism, the unique natural and warm tropical weather is very supportive of outdoor activities.

Lots of outdoor activities in Bali, both activities adrenaline levels 'mediocre' like doing 'tubing' on the river as well as riding an ATV on off-road terrain, up to extreme sports can trigger adrenaline with a very heavy, like bungee jumping and diving alongside manta rays.

A variety of extreme activities in Bali have uniqueness in one case, where we can also enjoy the natural beauty offered by the island. One of the triggers adrenaline extreme sports at the same feast for the eyes with the beautiful natural scenery Indonesia is paragliding, or better known as the paragliding.

In Bali itself, Timbis Hill is quite beautiful location for bali paragliding. The combination of high altitudes, as well as the landing area in the expansive beach, make paragliding here offers a spectacular panorama.

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How not, bali paragliding in Timbis is the perfect combination of natural beauty and exotic culture, which was captured from a height. If indeed you taste paragliding scary, just imagine the beautiful white sand degraded by blue sea that extends to the Indian Ocean, as well as the beauty of a steep hill with a carpet of green trees in a panoramic frame. Not to mention, right Uluwatu is located on a hillside and on the edge of the cliff, it could represent the exotic Bali while 'flying' at extreme altitude.

To be an atmosphere that is more 'magical,' select the time fly when the sun sets. The sunset will make the atmosphere as seen from an altitude of more dramatic.

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