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Tips for Safe and Comfortable Enjoy the "Sunset" at Tanjung Papuma

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One of the activities that can be done at Tanjung Papuma, Jember, East Java, is enjoying the sunset. Visitors can drive to Bukit Siti Hinggil which is right on the headland. Previously, visitors will climb the stairs to get to the top of the hill.

Assistant Manager Marketing and Tourism Tanjung Papuma Red Island Perhutani in East Java, Suharno says Siti Hinggil Hill is a place that offers an experience to see the sunset and sunrise. However, in order to remain safe and comfortable when in Peak Hill Siti Hinggil, consider the following guidelines.


Note the track safety

When towards the top of the hill, visitors will climb the stairs. Visitors will see the trees and when approaching the summit will be seen a deep chasm. Along the stairs, there is a path in the form of a safety fence. Stay in the path of stairs. Avoid passing through the barrier because it is dangerous.


Alert fell from the top

When in peak Siti Hinggil, visitors will be presented with a view of Mount Kajang and white sand Tanjung Papuma. At the peak there is also a hall that can be used to sit. Several angles at the summit Siti Hinggil there is no safety fences. While, on the corner direct deep chasm. Stay alert if being at the top of the hill.

top of the hill


Come early

To enjoy the sunset at Tanjung Papuma, do not be late. Try to arrive before 5:00 pm and have arrived at Peak Hill Hinggil at 5.00 pm. The sun will begin to set and the sky will start to blush begin at 5:15 pm. If you do not want to miss a moment, soon came early.


Bring food and drinks

While waiting for the sunset, the stomach may feel hungry and throat feel dry. Do not forget to bring food and soft drinks to Peak Hill Siti Hinggil. On the top of the hill there is no selling food and drinks. Visitors can buy at shops located on the beach. On top of the hill, there is a trash can. Avoid litter.


Go to the toilet first

Before starting to climb stairs and enjoy the sunset, it's good to go to the toilet first. In Peak Hill Siti Hinggil not available toilets for visitors. Nearest toilets are in stores belonging to residents near the coast. Simply give the money of IDR 1,000 - IDR 2,000 for the cost of a small room.



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