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Tips For Women Who Want To Vacation Alone Abroad

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Before you decide to take a trip abroad, the first thing to do is absolutely meticulous condition of the country you are headed.
Here are tips baimana to stay safe when traveling outside the country:



1. If you will be traveling alone, should not announce it via social networks aggressively or word of mouth. If possible wear your wedding ring, or who are not married may be able to buy the imitation, to avoid unwanted attention.

2. Know how to dress habits that will place you visit, be aware of how women dressed. Country more conservative or traditional women mostly apply that cover certain parts of their body, especially if you are a foreigner.

3. Record and store emergency telephone numbers. Such as the local police phone number and contact the embassy.

4. Search for or book should be done during the day. That way you can familiarize yourself with the area and the security of the building and your room.

5. If you're walking around, and then you feel your safety is threatened, such as the fraudulent calls the local population, should continue the journey by taxi or public transportation, avoid walking distance. If possible, find public transportation that is devoted to women.

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