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Tips How To Avoid Seasickness

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Most people feel the most extreme thrill when sailing boat or canoe in the sea. It definitely feels different than you board a cruise ship or a ship that is not too big to feel the ocean waves.

Have you ever felt seasick? Symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, and fatigue. Seasickness can be overcome by following a few steps,

1. Sitting in a specific part
One of the most effective ways to treat or prevent seasickness is to sit in a certain part of the boat you are riding. Many people find the fact that sitting on the deck of the boat is more helpful because you'll get fresh air which helps reduce nausea.

Your eyes can also focus more on the horizon to give a better taste. Always be sure to forward facing if you are riding a boat. Do not sit facing backwards or sideways because it can worsen the symptoms of a hangover.

2. Pressure on certain points of the body
Many people believe that the placing of goods that are clamped on certain parts of your body can reduce the symptoms of seasickness. For example, there are strict bracelet that can be worn on your wrist, or tighten the belt. However, there has been no conclusive studies on the effectiveness of these bracelets.

3. Eating the right foods
Eating greasy or spicy foods can aggravate seasickness. Avoid alcohol because it aggravates the balance of your body. We recommend that you eat crackers or drink grass jelly and gelatin are useful to reduce nausea.

4. Avoid certain activities
In addition to drinking and eating right, there are some activities that you should avoid when riding a boat, for example, smoke or sit near smokers. You should also stay away from others who are experiencing the symptoms of a hangover because listening to their pain reaction when drunk, or seeing vomit they will react yan you do the same.

5. Consumption for motion sickness
Drugs trade over the counter (OTC) are efficacious overcome hangover can help reduce the symptoms of seasickness. However, these medications should consume at least 30-60 minutes before you travel boating.




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