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Tips to Keep Safe on a Honeymoon Trip

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Luggage and all purposes honeymoon are ready to accompany you on your journey first holiday as a couple. Before the day of departure, make sure you've thought of everything related to the safety of your trip.

Use a credit card

Now, the use of cards such as debit and credit can be said to be more than the use of cash. There are some advantages that can be utilized, among them the sense of security when carrying the card can be immediately blocked in case of loss than carrying cash. Another plus is the discount given various parties such as transportation, accommodation, restaurants and entertainment destination.

Duplicate document

Before leaving, make copies of all your important documents such as ID cards, driver's license to passport. Spread a few sheets at various places. For example, in a pants pocket, pocket briefcases and handbags. Do not just put it in your wallet, to respond to emergencies when they lose a wallet. The original passport should enter into a storage cabinet inside the hotel as long as you enjoy the ride, and bring enough copies for the purposes of your identity abroad.

Do a double check

Most hotels and inns to warn of your valuable belongings, because they are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Therefore, make sure you leave the hotel in a safe condition. Create a secure password combination for your storage cabinet. If the room does not provide the cabinet, ask the hotel clerk if you can keep it in front deposit box.

Think before packing

You might be tempted to carry a lot of items, such as clothing, bags, shoes and cosmetics, into your suitcase. But think twice, because it would be safer if you're just packing up the required course and reduce the possibility of loss or damage to such items. Especially if you travel a lot and the state of nature in your honeymoon location can lead to damaged, rust, scratches or other things in your luggage.

Provide emergency contact

Before leaving home, make sure to tell the news and information to families and closest relatives. It is intended that when experiencing an emergency, they know the location of where you stay, what plane you are riding and where to contact you.

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