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Tomini Sail Indonesia 2015

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MBA Bali Tours - Sail Tomini Indonesia 2015

Tomini Sail Indonesia 2015 is part of the annual event is the seventh Sail Indonesia. The main event will take place on September 19, 2015 in the village of New Pelawa, Pangi village District of Central Parigi, Moutong Parigi district, Central Sulawesi.

Tomini Sail series of activities in 2015 will also be followed by the Festival Boalemo in Gorontalo Province which is also the shoreline of the Gulf of Tomini. Boalemo festival was held a few days before the Sail Tomini Indonesia 2015, ie on September 10, 2015. Both events are expected to promote the Tomini Gulf region and accelerate the development of the region through fisheries, marine, and tourism.

Tomini Bay is the 2nd largest bay in Indonesia after the Gulf of Paradise in Papua which has an area of ​​approximately 6 million hectares with the potential of rich natural resources. Coral reef region has an area of ​​1,031 hectares and mangrove forest with an area of ​​approximately 785.10 hectares. In fact, Tomini is the heart of the world's coral triangle (Coral Triangle) with biological diversity (biodiversity) is high, as well as unique and beautiful ecosystem characteristics.
Tomini have the potential of coastal and marine resources are plentiful for the development of marine tourism that this region used as the next destination for the organization of Sail Indonesia.

Sail Tomini and Boalemo Festival will be a variety of activities, ranging from yacht rally, maritime research expedition, a parade of warships, exhibitions and scientific seminars. Other activities held in this festival is a parade featuring the 10 ethnic culture of Gorontalo, the festival karawo (typical cloth Gorontalo), a culinary festival, and water sports activities such as jet skis and other competitions.

Sail Indonesia itself, which this year enters its seventh year was first held in the Park in 2009, this annual event continued with Sail Banda in 2010, Sail Wakatobi-Belitung in 2011, Sail Morotai in 2012, Sail Komodo in 2013, then last Sail Raja Ampat last year.




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