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Top Snorkeling Shipwrecks in Bali, Cool!

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Bali has a charm both on land and under the sea. You are fond of snorkeling, could make a trip to Amed Beach. Snorkeling spot called Japanese Wreck contains a wonderful variety of marine life in the shipwreck.

Shipwreck is the wreck of the sunken ship on the ocean floor. Japanese Wreck in Amed is one of the Japanese shipwrecks from World War II, which left beauty as inhabited by various species of fish.

If you are on vacation in Bali, try to visit the villages on the outskirts, one of which is Amed. It is an ideal spot for sports fans diving and snorkeling. In areas Banyuning, still in Amed region, there are lagoons frequented by scuba diver in the sea bottom because there are Japanese war wrecks of war that sank in local waters.

Try swimming at the site about 20 meters away from the mainland as well as the depth of approximately 10 meters from the surface. Originally appeared little horrors caused by watching too many horror movies about the shipwreck. But when she reached the surface of the site, seemed to dream and see the underwater panorama view of the shipwreck.

Japanese Shipwreck in Amed has become a haven for hundreds of species of fish and coral reefs. The beach itself is located in front of a small resort and fishing boats row leaning on the black sand. The beach is not decorated by soft sand but black stones are smooth and large.

Walked into the water by using a fin is a challenge. But everything is commensurate with experience in the can. Shipwreck is also a great place for beginners who want to learn to dive because the waves are not too big and the water is very clear.

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