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Total Solar Eclipse 2016

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Total Solar Eclipse 2016, Total Solar Eclipse in 2016 as the moment seems not only tourism mere discourse. Because the eclipse is happening this time can be seen in the seven regions in Indonesia as a special travel moments. Various regions are also excited to welcome a total solar eclipse.

Total solar eclipse that occurred on March 9, 2016 will cross several major cities in Indonesia. This phenomenon, including very rare because not all can be easily found country or elsewhere. After PATA Indonesia Chapter invited several deputy head of the area to be traversed by Total Solar Eclipse 2016, they agreed to work together to make this travel Total Solar Eclipse 2016 into something interesting.

After that, Parties Pacific Asia Tourism Association ( PATA) held discussions with representatives of the regions crossed by a total solar eclipse to finalize the preparation of a solar eclipse tour 2016. According Ceo PATA Indonesia Chapter, Siswoprasetijo Purnomo said that the discussion was attended by five representatives of the area that will be passed a total solar eclipse. The fifth area is Bangka Belitung, Palembang, Palangkaraya, Bengkulu and Balikpapan.

Society would certainly be happy when participating in Travel 2016 Total Solar Eclipse, because there are cultural performances and myths back displayed during Total Solar Eclipse arrived expected to show the identity of the city. As is known, the myths that developed was much more about the eclipse.

Something unique about this Total Solar Eclipse event? This phenomenon of solar eclipse can not be seen again in the next 40 years. Total Solar Eclipse 2016 is predicted to cross the seven cities in Indonesia, among others, Belitung, Balikpapan, Palangkaraya, Bengkulu, Ternate, Palembang, and Palu.

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